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The reason for my relative silence the last four weeks

Many have wondered at my relative silence over the last few weeks and whether or not something has been amiss. The short answer is that no, there has been no difficulty or trouble on my end of things here. Just been extremely busy with putting Infinity Procedure into practical application and doing further research.

As of today I myself have attested to OT XIII and I am sure that this is going to rattle the normal feathers as usual — but hey what can a guy do. So I felt that it would be of some importance to update all of you on just what has been occurring and what is potentially next for all of us and Scientology. Good things — very good things indeed.

I will start with the statistics as a result of Infinity Procedure. In approximately the last four weeks since the publication and distribution of this procedure, there have been two OT VIII case completions, two NOT’S completions, and three OT IX completions.

That is just for starters. There have also been two separate PC’s that were brave enough to attempt this procedure on a solo auditing basis, with very marked case gain and little to no restimulation or out RUDS outside of session. Which begs the question of if this will allow for solo Clearing for any individual with the prerequisite training and metering skills. The data would seem to support that this will soon be a reality for all of us.

What is even more exciting than this prospect, is that in the course of further research following the new phenomena that has come out of the application of Infinity Procedure, I was able to regain the data and knowingness necessary to enable me to finish my incomplete research on the remaining OT levels. I tentatively would like to state that this will be complete by the end of this year, but there is still much to be done and it will be touch-and-go due to a lack of OT’s at the level necessary to pilot it. Nevertheless, I still can get this done within the next year or so.

I have also been busy in setting many other things into motion. There will be an upcoming interview that I will be doing with our own Brian Cox, that is going to be posted on the Scientolipidia website. Then I am in the process of creating the content necessary to flush out my own YouTube channel — so that for the first time — the world can hear my current story in my own words, and I can lecture on all matters technical and make this available to anyone that is interested. 

Following all of this, I am going to get everything in order regarding all things legal. Including copyrighting the new materials, locating a stable base of operation, and then moving forward with a new corporation. So there is a LOT of work to still be done. I am mostly doing all of it myself with little to no help, but there have been many generous offers and I can still use some.

As too the support that I have received. There has been quite a bit while there are many detractors that say all of this cannot possibly be true. To my supporters — I want to thank you all and I am going nowhere. We will still get this done in the same fashion that we always have.  “To hell with those torpedoes!”

One word of caution to my detractors. Please get your ethics in or your demise will be of your own doing. What do you suspect will happen when your clients and those you seek to help find out that you are not using the “Best you know of Scientology” to do so as a result of personal pigheadedness? That it can be done much swifter now with more far-reaching results, in less of the time and with less personal inconvenience.

It will go something like this — you will have none and will be left holding an empty bag.

That is all for now. Let’s get together and get the job done. We are in the homestretch now folks and don’t let it fall apart so near to success!

L. Ron Hubbard


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