Up to my old Antics

A few words about publishing my first written work this life

Good news! The final and revised edition of the Infinity Series technical bulletins are now available for purchase on Amazon in ebook format. In the next week or so a paperback version will also be available for those who enjoy the mass of a good old book as well.

This has been done to make this amazing new technology more accessible to everyone and to get the work out that scientology is alive and well, and still being applied properly. Any support that can be offered in the purchase of the materials will also go a long way towards making them further available and continuing significant research in the future. So I thank all of you ahead of time for your help and support.

Alright, so it has been a long time since I have published anything and the game has changed a lot from what I was accustomed to last life, but it is good to be back and doing what I do well. That is writing and making knowledge available to humankind.

There is a bit of a gradient to be observed with all of this, so I will ask that you all bear with me on this. Infinity Series here is more of a test run than anything else to work out anything that may come in the process of publishing things independently online. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing so without actually do it.

I am not attempting to wow anyone with this but instead to make the data available to those who may find it of interest. It is no way the seminal work that Dianetics was in 1950 — but hey who knows I may have another one up my sleeves yet!

In any event, the book can be purchased from Amazon, and I hope that you all find this of great value and have great wins!

L. Ron Hubbard


2 thoughts on “Up to my old Antics

  1. How does one get a copy of your books? I can’t seem to locate a contact number, etc..

    1. Hey Bob, I look forward to completing that cycle with you. My books can be found on Amazon under the pseudonym “The Chairman of the Board” now. They are under the titles Infinity Series and Infinity.

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