Understanding The Law of Unification

Today I will be discussing The Law of Unification in response to a recent debate going back and forth — about whether or not Newton or Einstein is correct — or that I only have a ninth grade education or some such nonsense. I honestly do not know — because generally — such confusion makes little-to-no sense — and of course — we can all do without vile hatred and attacks being lobbed at what we are trying to accomplish here.

That is to make happy, free, and able beings — that are self-determined to such a degree — that they can go out and accomplish anything that they wish to — or desire — within society and in the universe.     

For all intents and purposes — both the Unification Theory and The Law of Unification — can be considered to be synonymous and one-in-the-same — although some of the more in-depth nuts and bolts of the theory are still being fine-tuned.

Now — what I mean by fine-tuned — is for the purposes of auditing and the practical application of the theory — as it relates to the mind and Thetan.

The theory as stated in Scientology Infinity is as follows:

At any point in time where a person or an object (or multiple people and objects) have a mutual impact in common — that has enough force to produce any pain, unconsciousness, or discomfort — there is a point — if only for a fraction of a second — where all opposing forces will equal zero — and a total equilibrium or balance will occur.

Simultaneously — creating a static force that has a complete absence of matter, energy, space, and time — but is infinite — and has all the potential qualities of matter, energy, space, and time.

(Also known as MEST.)

Therefore — following the Law of Conservation of Energy (the theory where nothing in our universe is destroyed but just alters its form and becomes something else) the destruction of any MEST will forever exist — in potential — as a static that parallels — and contains — all of the initial forces of the moment of the original impact.

Now — some are saying that this is untrue or somehow does not follow the natural physical laws of the universe — but that could not be further from the truth — and while the main perspective that this is being approached from is that of the mind or the theta universe — it can still conclusively be demonstrated that this law is true.

Towards that end — I will be provided two direct and concrete examples of this principle — with one being historical — and the other being more recent.

In fact — there is a company that is producing this technology I am referring to in 2019 — that many have yet to hear about.

I will be providing the actual patents of these technologies along with a brief explanation of them — explain their functions — and how they relate to The Law of Unification.

First — I would like to clarify the Law of Unification itself.

Simply stated — it means that when two forces collide with one another — there is a point at which both opposing forces will equal zero — or achieve an equilibrium — at which point static as we know it in Scientology is created.

So for example — let us say that two men throw rocks simultaneously across a room — with enough accuracy that they will both collide — at the exact center of the room.

Now — the first man throws his rock at twenty miles an hour — while the second man throws his at ten miles per hour.

When they collide in the center of the room — the rock that is traveling twenty miles per hour — will hit the rock that is only traveling ten miles per hour (and since there is a difference of ten miles per hour) the rock that is traveling ten miles per hour — will be stopped cold.

And will receive the remaining ten miles per hour of force — of the rock that is traveling at twenty miles per hour.

The point at which the rock traveling ten miles per hour is stopped cold — is a point of equilibrium.

With both rocks then equaling ten miles per hour — because you have separate units of ten miles per hour opposing one another — for that fraction of a second. 

This would normally happen so quickly that no one would even notice it — especially with the naked eye.

But nonetheless — it holds true and can be demonstrated under experimental and lab conditions.

In fact — this has been done multiple times for different purposes since the hay-day of applied physics — in the 1950s.

With these points of impact an equilibrium occurs — static energy is formed as we know it — and this is the reason why we create mental image pictures and retain them throughout the eons.

It is probably the bases of all aberration itself — but that is outside the scope with this current article.

Ok — so the first example that I will be giving here is of Otis T. Carr. Who unfortunately — is a fellow that you do not hear much about — and little evidence remains of his work and the individuals that worked with him. 

Most likely — because his research and work were highly suppressed at that time because of their genius and out-reality to the general public.

If you look up his name on google — it will say that he was some crackpot inventor that claimed to have developed flying saucers and tried to sell them — and was later arrested for it.

While it is true that he was later arrested — what is not commonly spoken about — is the fact that earlier on in his career — not only did he work with Nikola Tesla — but also worked for ( I believe) Bell Laboratories or at Paulo Alto labs in the 1940s.

So this guy was the real deal — and was a legitimate electronic engineer and physicist.

He would later go on to found his own lab to work on anti-gravity technologies and propulsion systems.

Which he did so successfully — that he was issued a patent for an “amusement device” after being told to remove the propulsion system from his flying saucer type craft — because it violated the laws of physics.

These first two images are probably the most important — and they are excerpts from the above-mentioned patent.

In the first image — you can see how this device theoretically works — and how it is very similar to the Law of Unification.

Essentially — the way that it works is that there are two separate moving parts within this craft — the portion that is composed of the field magnets place along the diameter of the craft — similar to the hours on a clock — and the generators that also act as superconductors and transformers that are shaped like tetrahedrons (two cones placed end to end) rotating within them.

One portion is rotated counterclockwise — while the other is rotated simultaneously clockwise at an increased speed.

This creates two separate fields of electromagnetism that meet in the middle — and constantly collide with one another (creating static electromagnetism) which eventually causes the whole entire craft to resonate at a frequency — that actually cancels out gravity.

You can see this plainly described in the first series of diagrams. The two small circles on either end represent the separate electromagnetic fields — while the spiral within the middle that looks similar to a tornado — represents these forces colliding in a static force going off to either side horizontally — and perpendicular to — the two circles which represent the magnetic fields going clockwise and counterclockwise.

It would be easy to write off the perpendicular field as being simple electromagnetic thrust or force — but this is actually not the case — because when this thing is turned on and it begins to resonate — it will we remain stationary.

Thrust would cause it to actually move.

But what you can do — is walk underneath this thing weighing a hundred tons and lift it with a single finger. This is because it weighs absolutely nothing  — because it is not being affected by gravity.

So of course — the other explanation for this is that it is creating a static or what is known more commonly in physics — as a zero-point field of energy.

Again — this example is presented in a historical context — to show that these principles are not anything new to us — or science in general — but have either been greatly suppressed or do not provide any benefit monetarily or otherwise. 

These principles are all based upon a whole entire separate field of physics — that became popular around the turn of the century — named Torsion physics.

While we continued to follow the theories of Einstein and General Relativity here in the United States — the Russians continued to research this theory until present day.

In that time — they have created anti-gravity, communications, and other types of devices with this technology and form of physics.

It is believed by many that this will be the future of mathematics and physics — not to mention other fields such as electronic engineering, biochemical engineering, and biomedicine.

I will not go into the details of this theory here — as that can be independently researched by those who are interested — and have the mental acumen to actually do so. 

As these are very advanced theories and concepts.

There! Having said all that — and with Otis T. Carr not having the best public reputation (despite probably not being true) —  I will provide one more example that demonstrates the concepts behind the law of unification.

In this example — I will be using a company by the name of Hendo Board — which is currently manufacturing and creating hoverboards.

Yes — you heard me correctly!  True to life — Back to the Future hoverboards!

Now — while the parent company of this technology was smart enough to not market and advertise it as anti-gravity —they have marketed it as a type of electromagnetic lift — it is still anti-gravity technology.

The problem with that is — there is no money in creating and marketing anti-gravity devices because you cannot have them patented as a result of violating the laws of physics and the Theory of Relativity.

Below — you can find the whole entire patent and make the determination for yourself.

There is no need to go into a detailed explanation because I have already explained most of the same concepts above.

I will point out though — that this is a company that is manufacturing these in 2019!

They also have a legitimate patent for their technology — and even skaters such as Tony Hawk — have made videos demonstrating the use of these hoverboards.

So — there is no doubt that not only are they real — but with the attached patent — that they are based upon anti-gravity principles, torsion field mechanics, and the law of unification.

It is my hope — that this has now clarified the subject of the law of unification — and has not created even more confusion. 

I’m actually in the process of writing my next book on this topic — with a full explanation — and associated auditing techniques.

I guess this is fine for the time being to help stem the gap for those who may be curious — or need a more in-depth explanation of this subject.

To bring this to a close — I would like to make it clear that it is not my responsibility to teach anyone — anything — whatsoever. 

I have already provided the planet with study technology — and it is up to each separate individual to be vigilant  — and diligent — in their own personal study. 

It is not the fault of myself  — or anyone else — if someone has not studied the basics of physics, electronics, and philosophy that is the inherent basis and foundation for which scientology is based upon.

In other words — if these subjects are not fully and accurately understood — then a person does not fully and accurately understand scientology. 

That is not meant to be a discouraging comment — because different people are at different areas and places on the bridge — and in life. So it is understandable that some individuals may not understand things  — or have been exposed to the knowledge necessary — to understand them.

That is alright — as long as someone does not receive a little bit of processing and training — to only arrive at the fact that their head has grown so massively large — that it is on the verge of popping at any moment.

That somehow they have all of life, philosophy, and eternity figured out. Despite the failures  — in part — of some of the greatest philosophers, scientists, at mystics throughout the ages.

In any event — be patient — and all will be revealed in due time. Many of us are very hard at work trying to figure this whole thing out — and to get the tech back in.

So stay the course — as help is not only on the way — but it has already arrived!


10 thoughts on “Understanding The Law of Unification

  1. I guess I should thank all the people who had comments on the law of unification. It opened up what looks to me as Pandora’s Box.

    To me, since I am not trying to build anti-gravity machinery but only using it for tech, it looks to me like this: When an impact occurs to a body/being life makes a copy of that physical universe happening. We can go the long way and run out every brick, ball or bat in the impact and erase the engram, or we can spot the moment of static –the point of creation of the physical universe copy. Sometimes the copy (a/k/a picture, mental image picture or facsimile) has to be addressed before one can spot the point of static awareness, but spotting that point of equllibruim (balance point–static point) tears apart the fabric of theta and mest where it is joined at the hip so to speak.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard April 26, 2019 at 3:03 pm

      Thank you Pat! Again — you have demonstrated your great depth of knowledge of the Tech.

    2. Thank you Pat and LRH. I am in love with efficiency. Get to the point-ed-ness is a beautiful thing. This new slant on tech (ha ha get it?) does just that. It is about time.

    3. But how is this different to what original Hubbard covered exhautivley in the tech ? its Theta / Mest theory, flows and ridges. Ned – R3R handles these points of equilibrium ( although not directly ) . Called ridges or engrams – same difference. I dont see how handling a single incident is superior to running somatic chains – and pulling the main holder of the chain – the Postulate. In face the Ned procedure runs opposite – you dont want the pc to get stuck too much into the incident as the mass from the earlier incidents just gets restimed and the chain charges up and can lead to overwhelm of the pc and pc no longer able to view the time track. Its down the chain as quick as possible to get the chain holder – the postulate. Also we looking at thought over matter here ( with R3R ) Thought/ Postule being senior to mest/flows. In this new Equilibrium procedure – where does pulling or handling the underlying postulate come in ?

  2. Thank you.

  3. Each one of the statics we produce every day in our life’s ordinary activities of collision are our actually and factually the children we share with those we have colluded with. If we don’t care for them — take responsibility for them, then they too will become painfully trapped in this MEST universe just like the rest of us. That’s one just one of my takeaways. Thanks, Ron, just what I needed —- more responsibility.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard April 26, 2019 at 3:12 pm

      Indeed Mark! A lot of responsibility — as the more that we all become OT (especially individually) the more our obligation to be responsible increases. Often — with us not wanting that responsibility in the first place — but the reality is — that the more we become aware of — the more we are compelled to act to correct the things that are wrong on the planet.

  4. That eariler comment was tongue in cheek, actually I welcome more static children and eber increasing responsibilities. The way I see it is that it very exciting to have all the ranks swell. If means having more friends, receiving more birthday gifts, and having very large staff of highly specialized, sophisticated experts readily available for every need or desire. It also means lots of girfriends. Exciting times indeed.

  5. It is an excelent way to understand de core of an engram, but, still having a question. ¿how does this relate to de creation of the static as a thetan, as a spirit? ¿Or do we have here two operative meanings of the same word, static?

    1. L. Ron Hubbard June 21, 2019 at 12:30 am

      Jesus —

      The way you can look at this is that that are different degrees of static (which is self-evident and demonstratable).

      A thetan in its static and native state — and that which it is made to forcefully mock-up in response to something that is either covert — or overt in nature.

      That latter is what we know as facsimiles — and is the root of all aberration.

      Hope that helps.

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