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So what exact state is Scientology in these days, is a frequent question that I often receive, also what is my personal opinion on David Miscavige and the Religious Technology Center. I will take the opportunity to briefly touch on these subjects and hope that my personal Viewpoint on the matter may shed some light on this for everyone.

First of all, everyone is entitled to play their own game – whether or not that is within the Church of Scientology or outside of it in the Free Zone or as an independent practitioner.  What always boggles my mind personally, is those that have left the Church of Scientology, and do nothing but attack and/or natter about the institution without taking any Causative action whatsoever to correct what they feel is wrong or Out-Ethics. It appears that in the process of blowing or running from the Sea Org or on Staff, they must have tripped down the stairs and bumped their head on the way out. Why else would you attack, in public, the one institution that you swore to uphold with all the influence and resources behind it? Expecting anything but a bad result?

To do so is to violate over a half-a-dozen of the clauses of the Code of a Scientologist. That is the cold hard truth of the matter, and if it offends anyone then GOOD.  It should, as I literally turned over in my grave to hear about all of this going on, to the point to where I have returned here in the attempt to reverse this decline before it is too late to do so for us all.

That being said, David Miscavage has done everything right to date – point-for-point – with the exception of one thing and one thing only, putting too much attention on Administration and expansion instead of getting the Technology of Dianetics and Scientology in here on Earth. Then again, he is not me nor am I him, and I will fault no man or woman that can pilot the ship that long with half-way decent results. I know how hard it is to hold that space and wear those shoes all too well.

At the end of the day, the Technology is still being preserved and gotten in regardless of the circumstances surrounding the Church of Scientology, and the reported abuses and all of the controversy going on at the moment. That is a fact.

Why anyone is complaining is also beyond me. I would beseech anyone to do a search on Google about how may travesties have occurred historically, and how many individuals have died, as a result of the Christian Crusades and Torquemada – a man that caused so many atrocities in the name of the Roman Catholic Church, that the modern word “torture’ is literally named after the man. So just how many have died as a result of Islam or Christianity, it is in the MILLIONS of folks, the Millions!

How many have died as a result of Scientology? Tragically it has been less than a few thousand, mostly due to suicide or as the result of accidents and individuals that would have died in any event due to physical illness. Put in that perspective, I would like anyone to try and argue so-called “atrocities” committed by Scientology and Scientologists.

In any event, we are currently in a very precarious situation and moment in time, with Technology and also within the world we live in. A reformation of the subject is appearing upon the horizon it would seem, and the things and case factors that were once considerate relevant are losing that relevancy. We live in an era that telecommunications and digital technology have made almost anything instantly accessible – individuals want things and they desire to have them quickly.

This extends to and includes Auditing Services and going up the Bridge. The most common complaint that I receive from millennials is that it is just not fast enough and too antiquated – and to a degree they are correct.

That does not mean that the standard body of Dianetics and Scientology is any fashion no longer relevant, it is one of the few things on planet Earth that has stood the test of time. For it to survive though, it needs to be streamlined in order to keep pace with the society in which we live in. Does anyone honestly think that one will be sitting at a typewriter and taking mimeographed copies in another 20 years? Paper will more than likely no longer be in widespread use at that time – even when using the bathroom.

I am currently in the process of doing exactly that at the moment – but this is YOUR technology just as much as it was ever mine, and without a whole lot of help this will not happen and I fear that Scientology will go the way of all the rest that came before it.

Let us not allow that to happen.

L. Ron Hubbard

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