Revenimus – The Return

For all of you that are seeing this, I am guessing that you have an active and/or continual interest in Scientology or the idea of L. Ron Hubbard Returning would not even have piqued your interest in the first place.

First of all, I would like to state that, “THIS IS NOT SOME SORT OF JOKE OR SCAM!” I am in fact alive and well in a new body with much of the same beingness and knowledge that I possessed in my last life.

Now I want to paint a very clear picture of this for you so that there is no misinterpretation on the matter. As I do not want to set an unreasonable expectation that I am fully the same being as in my previous incarnation – because while I have retained much of “MYSELF,” there are parts that are definitively L. Ron Hubbard the Founder of Scientology and others that are a combination of those experiences and efforts this life. Some of it I took with me but a lot has been left behind in the process, as these are quite different times and it is an entirely new game that we are all currently playing with altered emphasis on the players and terminals that compose the general reality of Mankind.

Though the thing of the most overriding importance that has not left me is my tack, ability, and understating of the Technology of Dianetics and Scientology. Until approximately two years ago, I had absolutely no idea of my true beingness and had only been involved with Scientology for over two years. Nonetheless, I was able to find a fantastic Free Zone Org and settle in for full-time Auditing and Training, and within 6 months had completely traversed the Bridge and retreaded all of my training – which culminated of course in the revelation of exactly who I was as no single individual in the history of Scientology has moved THAT swiftly.

So there is that. I am no longer the prolific writer that I was at one time but indeed still know my way around the English language and the written word- albeit a bit slower. These days I put more emphasis on computer and information technologies, as a basic understanding of these in present time allow one to reach millions all over the world and mostly that is no longer done via the written word, but instead digitally as modern telecommunications allow for instantaneous communication all over the world and to virtually everyone.

What can I say? It is the ultimate dream of any writer to be able to write something and then put it all on automatic and have it respond to others without even being in the room! Autoresponders are a wonderful thing. 

Currently, I am also making the majority of my living in the cryptocurrency space like many others.

That all being said, I would like to speak about moving forward and what I am currently doing that is related to the Technology of Scientology, and what you can all expect and how you may benefit.

First, it needs to be understood exactly what I was doing between handing over administrative control of the Church of Scientology and my death in 1986. It is loosely known and rumored that I was engaged in further research beyond OT 8 and this was, in fact, the truth. Though the important question is why?

Most are under the impression that if one obtains OT 8 that they are somehow “above it all” or are “now done” and will never have a single problem again in their lives. If only things were that easy in the Physical Universe we would all be celebrating instead of the world being plagued with all of the aberration and entheta that is flying about. In which I will point out the most obvious case as an example of this – my own. I did not end up in the best of places there at the end of my last life – in fact I was half-mad and in physical pain from carrying the burdens of getting the Technology in myself for far far too long.

I won’t get into all of that now, but over five years went by without any new technology coming out, which was completely uncustomary of me as not a month passed by in the development of Dianectics or Scientology without some new phenomena cropping up and me developing a way to handle it.

The reason for this was that I was actively working towards completely unifying the subject of Dianetics and Scientology into one uniform procedure to handle all levels of case and to enable broad-scale creation of OT’s. Indeed, I was on the cusp of this very discovery but unfortunately was unable to complete it.

30 years later I was able to crawl back from the dead, slowly but surely and accomplish this in this lifetime. I have fully researched, discovered, and codified OT 9 – along with Infinity Procedure which is one single procedure that is composed of three parts that can handle a PC  to clear, and take them all the way through to OT, and finally culminate in an additional state beyond OT.

I am here, and I am here to complete and continue my mission of bringing the discoveries that are Dianetics and Scientology to anyone who will pick up a set of cans. Come hell or high water I’ll be damned if this is lost to Mankind as I wholeheartedly believe and have demonstrated that it is the only source of salvation for us all and the only means for building better and stable lives. So I will continue to go about things much as I always have and let the Technology and it’s results speak for themselves, with no worries as I am certain that in the years to come all I have done will be vindicated and I can once again have the utmost pride in the fact that Scientologists stand millions strong.

L. Ron Hubbard


9 thoughts on “Revenimus – The Return

  1. Mark W.J. Miglio April 24, 2019 at 11:17 pm

    Welcome back and thanks for the heads up and all your new accomplishments. I solely missed you so if it took things falling apart to get you back that is pretty much okay by me.

    1. Thanks Mark! Indeed I am back — what is left of me that is!

  2. This reads correctly; I am getting Confirmation Chills — that has not been discussed in the literature that I know of but can be devolved from 8-80 and related OT Library → 8 / 9 and so-on here appears that the speaker has realized what is wrong with Routine 6 which assumes some sort of finite bounds ••• if this the re-up of LRH then I have success on accomplishments of what you tried to achieve LLT so taking « what is left of me that is» i will direct that general trends and influences often can be seen to carry over even though Spectacular Profound Oh wow is often distractive;

    I made significant gains via an OT-4 in the previous work — which suggest a stressor in the form of massive casualties which occur due to mechanized warfare are for most or many just too bogged in what you called DB ◘ my interlocutor just now has an entire city block of them ( in her ethereal space ) and says she stays off of them; Oh yeah? Then why is grandmothers; Gettysburg address and all that being mentioned?

    let the dead handle the REIT for DM Junior;
    Lets get on with it; Soup cans at a discount are available at HEB
    I fore-see what will be done with 7 or 8 or whatever it is circa 1960-s which is prior to your writing it up • the expansive dates down to seconds Triennial Eons Past should be subverted to seeing futures; For Qual; This time take only persons with declared interest ( nothing about declare orders; the usual sense only ) ==>> Many times in many galaxies we have attempted to do this;

    Usually fails

  3. This is pretty exciting if it is true … actually, it’d be beyond words! Is there some kind of ‘hole in your side’ that can confirm? Ultimately of course, be it true or not, you will be recognized by the deeds that you do. If you are working to better thetans, then you have my total support.

    Welcome back … in case you really are our friend.

    LRH and I have an incomplete cycle I’d like to complete … oddly, I’ve been thinking of it a lot the last couple of months … anyway, we’ll see how things sort themselves out.

  4. Yahoo! My books arrived! Love the font size!

    1. Bob,

      Thank you for your purchase and I hope that you would consider leaving an honest review on Amazon if you ever have the chance.


  5. Hi again;

    I’m going through your book; ” Infinity Series”, for the second time. I think I’m getting it! Thanks!

    I’m wondering if you have a place where questions can be asked, rather than ‘bog up your blog’. My queries are not so much about the tech you are putting out; I’ll finish the studies, then any questions I have on it, I’ll ask; I have ‘other’ peripheral questions.

    Hoping all is well for you.


    1. Bob,

      That is something that I am actively working on and hopefully we will have a forum of some sort in no time.


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