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How the Media has Changed for the Better Over the Last Sixty Years  — Slightly.

Now there is this article that has run in the Boston Globe magazine recently entitled “Scientology’s Civil War” and I would like to say a few words on this. Not only on my personal viewpoint on this matter but how the media has changed ever so slightly over the last few decades — most likely a result of modern-day telecommunications.

The essence of this article is that I am considered to be a violent ex-con that is set to spark an internal civil war within the Church of Scientology and to use Tom Cruise as my front man. For the sole purpose of rooting out all human rights violators — including David Miscavage himself — and then releasing upper-level tech that will allow all of us to levitate and to bend space-time.

Sure, there is a lot of erroneous information mixed in with this article but it is not entirely composed of facts that are untrue. This can be attributed to the fact that the individuals writing it are not trained in Scientology, and probably know little to nothing about the subject beyond the myth and rumor that constantly surrounds it. Though to the credit of the three gentlemen that did contact me regarding the running of this article, they were able men that bothered to do some basic fact-checking before hitting the press.

That is a big change from fifty or so years ago where the media would commonly just publish with little or no regard for the truth and reputation of those that it may effect. So that is a plus point.

Am I an ex-con? You bet I am and make no excuses or justifications for that. What can I say? In my youth, I was a scrappy individual that frequently handled and resolved conflict with my fists. So what. That was a common occurrence in days not long passed, but in this day in age is considered being violent. If memory serves me correctly most of the men and even the women in WWII were just like this — tough.

Probably why we won that war and it is still to this day called the “Greatest Generation.”

One thing I have never been associated with is being a coward or weak, and would anyone want any less in someone who is at the helm of all this. I think not. We have a lot of work ahead of us and there is going to be a LOT of counter-intention and difficulty in cleaning up the subject and field of Scientology — so that things can begin to flow correctly once more.  Which is also going to take a lot of experience and people that have been on the ground floor so to speak, and have rubbed elbows with all different types of men and women.  

As I have said before publicly, I have no ill-will towards David Miscavige and what is going on within the Church of Scientology. Though it is a major outpoint when many of your parishioners are leaving and the general public has nothing but distrust towards the organization itself. Anyone with any common sense or admin training would recognize that something is wrong or amiss with the practical application of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology.   

Sure, there has always been a certain amount of the general public that has viewed our beliefs and practices as strange. While there have been vested interests in society that have attacked us because it would affect those interests too drastically if people became free and able. Though this is something entirely different as you have this going on internally within the Church of Scientology and with its own members.

Whatever the reason for this it is wrong on many different levels. I do not have all of the data on this, so I am not going to speculate or make public accusations. As I believe that there are none to be made and it is a break of the Code of a Scientologist anyway.

I am also sure that Tom Cruise is a great guy but I do not know him personally nor do I particularly plan to. If it does happen at some point then fine.

So the media has moved a bit towards the ability to objectively and truthfully report facts to the public, but still, it would seem that it has a long way to go.  Hey, we can take all of the progress we can get in society at this point in time!

L. Ron Hubbard

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