Magic is the WORD

How to cause an IS-NESS that can alter general reality

Today I would like to let you all in on a personal secret of mine that was always known to me and expressly implied within my many works for those with the understanding to apply it. It is the magic of the written word and communication that I wish to speak about – and if how when properly applied – an individual can bring about an IS-NESS that will persist to the point of becoming and manifesting as a generally know reality.

This has been on my mind of late considering the circumstance that are now occurring and felt like sharing this in detail in response to all of the support that I am receiving in going public with the true nature of who I am.

It has always been to the amazement of many just how in 1950, for instance; how I was able to come out of Non-Existence so quickly and gain wide-spread agreement with Dianetics and its application. This process was to be repeated time and time again in the following years and again one week ago.

It is quite simple really. Anyone who is familiar with the Axioms of Scientology is familiar with an AS-ISNESS – that which exists at the exact moment of creation. Then, of course, there is an ALTER-ISNESS – the moment at which an AS-ISNESS is disagreed with or altered in some fashion from the way it existed at the moment of creation. This leads to an IS-NESS – that which persists as the result of an ALTER-ISNESS being introduced to an AS-ISNESS and causing a persistence. This is what most know as Reality.

That is already known on a broad-scale basis but there is a definite trick to this to be able to use it in one’s own favor.

It is this: if you take any thought, idea, postulate, or thing you wish to accomplish and get as many people as possible to either agree or disagree with it as you are able – that thing will persist and become a general reality.

“So to the degree that people agree or disagree increases persistence and alters generally reality.”

This was quite hard to accomplish 50 years ago as we did not have the benefit of instantaneous telecommunications that we currently have today.  With the advent of the internet and social media, this is easily accomplished now.

It only necessitates communication to any and everyone that will listen to what you have to say. So on one side of the spectrum, we have communication as the “Universal Solvent,” while on the other it is the “Universal Persistent.” Of course, what you want to have persist still has to be what is needed or wanted and has to be ethical in nature or you may find yourself falling flat on your face.

If you do I have already accepted responsibility for it.

Give it a try – it’s MAGIC!

L. Ron Hubbard

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