Infinity and the Future

We are currently living in one of the most exciting times in human history. Despite what others say and how much chaos may seemingly be flying around in the world, this is only an illusion and the last dying gasp of those that seek to control and suppress others. As we have now accomplished something that has never before been accomplished. We have overcome DEATH itself.

This is no jest and my current existence should be ample evidence of this fact. Now, while I may not fully understand all of the mechanisms that underlie just why we die and then come back — at the moment — I am armed with enough data and experience to now figure it out. Once I have anyone else can as well — transcend death I mean, and retain most of their Beingness and experience life-to-life.

It may seem that this may not be an optimal scenario, but the ramifications of this are startling.

Imagine a world we lived in where every individual has the knowledge that we DO come back to life, and that we do not only live one life. This would change the entire perspective of the universe and how we view and live life now. That our actions do have a lasting and long-reaching effect into the future. It would completely undermine those that seek to control others for their own selfish means because it is not so easy to control someone that knows they can never die!

So this is good news, and the future is not too far off where this will all be possible. How far off? In my recent research and the data that I am currently gathering, it would appear the ability and means to Transcend death exists at and is gained on OT XIII.  

Once this is accomplished we may just find ourselves on the precipice of another Golden Age here on Earth.

L. Ron Hubbard


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