Something New Upon The Horizon

It has been a long time since I have written a blog post here but wanted to provide the public with some updates.

I am relocating back to Los Angeles to do fundraising in conjunction with forming an official non-profit for New Era Scientology. Which I am happy to say, will contain the ‘Magic bullet” I have recently discovered that will allow for an explosion in expansion for the group right out of the gate. Concentrating exclusively on well-done Auditing hours completed instead of revenue generated and collected for the development of real estate that is worthless with no staff to operate it.

The Dynamic Processing Grades have been in development for some time now and are in the process of being wholly written up. I should have them completed before returning to southern California, but they will offer ten times the amount of processing then all five of the current Grades. So by nature, are pretty beefy when it comes to processes as there are over 300 that are each run across three flows, which brings the total to about 1200.

These Grades will allow a being to go Clear on each successive Dynamic with a gradual increase in ability, influence, and affluence. It has yet to be determined if these will be done in order or upon assessment. As a lot of data needs to be collected about programming cases, but the First Dynamic Processing Grade should produce more gain than the entire Scientology Bridge.

And with powerful new technology such as this. How can we fail to do anything else but succeed?

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