Hello Friends

If you are reading this — you will have seen that the new lronhubbardrising.com is up and running. Over the next few days  — I will be importing all of my old blog posts — and will be posting on a regular basis — from here on out!

Also — do not worry about the download section on the site. I will be putting that back up with an entire list of my new material as well.

I am glad to see you over here — and thank you for your support.


3 thoughts on “Hello Friends

  1. All good news. Thanks, Ron. Love the new photo above.

    1. Thank you — my friend. It is still a work in process and I appreciate your support.

  2. Thank you, Ron, for asking for suggestions.
    I someday hope to see all of your technical and administrative references tabulated and coordinated for easier, faster study.
    I had spent four or six weeks on the Pro TRs course at Flag in 1980 because I couldn’t figure out if what was happening to me was because I was “doing something.”
    Over many years, since then, I have seen many of you references and definitions that could have helped me get out of that unfortunate debacle within a matter of a short few moments.

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