A New ERA OF Scientology Has ARRIVED


L. Ron Hubbard currently has two books that are available. Scientology Infinity — which is a book of daily drills that can be done at home and is perfect for the beginner — and veteran Scientologist alike. The other being Infinity Series — a compilation of technological bulletins that are for the more experienced practitioner. Unfortunately — due to several complaints by Bridge Publications — these books are currently no longer on Amazon.com. We are in the process of finding a fair and impartial book vendor — to offer these titles. In the meantime — you can submit an email and request a digital copy of either title.

online courses

Digital Scientology courses that are easy-to-understand and easy-to-afford — are currently being planned — and are under construction.

professional auditing services

Are you intrested in getting auditng from Ron himself? While there is no guarantee that this is possible — Ron has made it a special mission to audit as many people as he can — while he can. You can inquire below for further details.

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